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This blogspot is dedicated through intens communications, sharing information, and travel link beyond the tourism objects and creative industries in Probolinggo City, East Java. It would take lead for both us into good perspective in tourism development as well. So hopefully, it could attract more visitors to come to Probolinggo City. Enjoy Probolinggo City!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Morning on Sudirman St. in August, 2010

Morning on Sudirman St. (MPS) was innitiated by the Mayor of Probolinggo City, to meet the need of Probolinggo's local residents in such entertainment activities & offer lower cost primary needs. On this occasion, the MPS is held on the very special moment. it would proudly to present the morning day for anniversary of independent day Republik of Indonesia for 65 years. Long live Indonesia!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Creative Industry: Java Ceramic

The Java Ceramic was initially designed in 1994, made porcelains for souvenirs. At the moment, these ceramic has been dedicated as export commodity through Singapore, Brunei Darusalam & Hongkong. These ceramics are also settled in local distribution, and they are acted as marketing tools, such as Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali. The main product as well as the main characteristic of Javanese Ceramic is teapot, which is lot of attack ornament in outside, natural color, and its decoration style. This is the very attractive of hand made production, but in big scale. Good material for producing the ceramic is mainly come from Malang Regency. So, it doesn’t need more money to come the materials from other regency. The easy transportation utilities would make the price of ceramic production in lower price.
The range of price would prefer the very cheap price, from Rp. 3.000 - Rp. 300.000 per unit. It sells directly in big party or leave an errand first. The high quality of ceramic is absolutely depend on material and burning technique. So, the benefit by using traditional techniques and tools would make the product has it own uniqueness. The mature development on ceramic production and distribution, it needs more capital to gain more profit. Even those, the capital accumulation in allocation for 70:30, majority for personal capital rather than banking loan. This Java Ceramic has offered the tour package for tourist, who will take enjoy for the short training in ceramic making process. You would come to this ceramic center in Raden Wijaya St., No. 85, and the phone number is (+62335) 434 682.

Creative Industry: Kinasih Ceramic

Kinasih Ceramic is one of creative industry which developed well in both product design and uniqueness. The natural colors are always mention to gain sense of attractiveness by the consumer. The funny and unique characteristics of
product would make this small medium enterprise has a tremendous market place, such as in around Bali, Surabaya, Malang & Jakarta. Built commonly in small things, it would take as un direct export as a souvenir for visitors from around the world, especially the products which have sold in Bali & Jakarta. The Kinasih Ceramic is one of community based small industry, by work 20 peoples of around. Even on the traditional manner or hand made, using simply method and tools, in applying hard work & carefull, all the products are unreluctant in showing its high rank of artistic value. However, the prices are far less than expensive, from Rp. 1.500-Rp.250.000. It depends on the difficulties, measure, and artistic value. The products could sell in individual or in a big party. So, you could take part as buyer to collect as wedding ceremony, graduation, & other celebration. This ceramic center is also offered interesting package for tourist in making ceramic. By very easy clay material as making product found in Malang & Blitar, the package wouldn’t remain expensive price. You could take bargain for those ceramic package directly. For more information, order & live product demonstration in industrial site, you would find out all in “Kinasih Ceramic” by Mr. Edi Cahyokuncolo on Cangkring St., No. 21 B, Probolinggo City or by phone number (+62335) 430 482 / +6285 850 227 961.